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A new look to highlight both the reproduction and immune function benefits of improved trace mineral status with Multimin 90.

With new research that points to the clear benefits of pairing Multimin 90 with vaccination protocols, it’s clear we have a bigger story to tell. This new packaging headlines the exciting new ways to incorporate Multimin 90 into health and reproductive protocols. Click to learn more about using Multimin 90 with vaccinations.

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Sure Trace Mineral Supply By Timed Injection

MULTIMIN® 90 is an injectable, aqueous supplemental source of zinc, copper, selenium and manganese. Trace minerals are important for reproduction, immunity and immune response to vaccines.
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Talk to your veterinarian to learn more about  MULTIMIN® 90 and to get a prescription.

MULTIMIN® 90 is NOT intended as a replacement for daily trace minerals in the oral feed. It supports an existing well designed oral feed program that follows NRC requirements and does not exceed the legal Se limit of 3mg per head per day.

The MULTIMIN® 90 Difference

Forage is Not Enough

Trace minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Manganese are important for optimal immune function and reproduction in cattle.

Stressed animals have decreased appetite. This results in less feed intake, meaning reduced trace mineral intake.

Typical stressful times for cattle are around calving in cows and breeding in cows/heifers/bulls or during handling of calves and yearlings at branding, weaning, transporting and feedlot receiving time.

Inadequate trace mineral supplementation and large variations in oral mineral intake may also negatively impact the trace mineral status. Antagonists such as sulfur, molybdenum, iron and calcium in feed and water may impair absorption and/or bio-availability of orally consumed trace minerals.

The trace mineral requirements of cattle are not static and change during their production cycle and also during these times of stress. When the trace mineral status of cattle declines, immunity, enzyme functions, growth and fertility are compromised.

Fueling the Immune System Because Preventing Disease = Profit

Disease costs money! The immune system needs trace minerals to work, but oral trace mineral intake is variable and stressed and sick animals do not eat. By injecting trace minerals, you bypass the rumen and antagonists in it, such as sulfur/iron and molybdenum.

Vaccination is a great tool used to prevent severe disease. Once cattle are vaccinated, the cattle then do all the work to process the vaccine and build the different protection components. Trace minerals are critical for developing an effective immune response.

Fueling the Reproductive System

During pregnancy, the cow/heifer supplements the calf (fetus), often to her own detriment. A well supplemented cow/heifer results in a well supplemented calf after birth.

Cows/heifers are very susceptible to trace mineral imbalances between pregnancy-check and calving. An imbalance here negatively affects both the cow/heifer and her calf.

Cows/heifers are also very vulnerable to trace mineral imbalances in the period 30-60 days pre-breeding, which can negatively impact conception. Trace minerals are critical for ovulation and embryo quality and survival due to their functions as antioxidants and for hormone production.

Trace minerals are critical in developing bulls at weaning, 60 days before the Breeding Soundness Exam, and in adult bulls 45-60 days before the start of breeding season to ensure semen quality and quantity pre-breeding.

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MULTIMIN® 90, is on top of our list… it has probably had the most dramatic effect on what we do in those protocols as anything we have done over the years.
– Dr. L.D. Barker and sons Dr. Matt Barker and Dr. Mark Barker Professional Animal Health Center | Newcastle, OK

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