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Have You Considered The ROI Potential of Including MULTIMIN® 90 in Your Repro Program?

up to 3% more calves!

Studies from three universities showed using MULTIMIN® 90 yielded up to 3% more calves.

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What Does A Shorter Calving Season Really Mean To You In Dollars?

Up to

528 lbs


University data indicates that using MULTIMIN® 90 before breeding shortens the calving season.

If a 100-cow herd treated with MULTIMIN® 90 yields 12 more calves born within the first 20 days of the calving season, as shown in the Kansas State University study, then 12 more calves gain 2.2lbs/day.

That is 528 more pounds to sell at weaning!

CAN MULTIMIN® 90 Impact Reproductive Success of Heifers? Yes!

up to 10%

More heifers pregnant!

Studies showed…

A study showed 93% overall pregnancy success in heifers that were treated with MULTIMIN® 90 30-days prior to timed AI and exposure to bulls. The control group of heifers that were not treated with MULTIMIN® 90 saw only 83% overall pregnancy success.

“Our reproduction efficiency has increased, especially with our first calf heifers and the breed-back time with our older cows has improved. We are attaining higher weaning weights and getting better feed efficiency with improved daily gains.”

– Danny Poss, Poss Angus. Scotia, NE

CAN MULTIMIN® 90 Help to Prepare Bulls for Their BSE? Yes!

up to 3%

More Bulls at Sale

University data indicated…

“With MULTIMIN® 90, 3% more of our yearling bulls passed their breeding soundness exam.”

– Galen Fink, Fink Beef Genetics, Randolph, KS

MULTIMIN® 90 Supports Cattle for Top Reproductive Performance

“With MULTIMIN® 90 we’ve seen a 5-6% increase in the conception rate of our AI program.”
– Tim Todd, Green Mountain Angus Ranch, Ryegate, MT
MULTIMIN® 90 is a product you can use to get the ultimate performance out of cattle.”
– Guy and Kyle Colyer, Colyer Hereford Angus, Bruneau, ID
““We’ve increased our first service heifer conception rate by 11% with MULTIMIN® 90
– Jonathan Lee, Lee Dairy Farms, Englewood, TN

Studies available upon request.

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