Add Value to Your Repro Program with MULTIMIN® 90

Studies demonstrate using Multimin® 90 improves conception rates

Three universities showed using Multimin 90 yielded up to:

3% more calves

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Shorten the calving season

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Up To


More lbs At Sale

University data indicates that using Multimin 90 before breeding shortens the calving season.

If a 100-cow herd treated with Multimin 90 yields 12 more calves born within the first 20 days of the calving season, as shown in the Kansas State University study, then 12 more calves gain 2.2lbs/day.

That is 528 more pounds to sell at weaning

Improve reproductive efficiency in heifers

Injection provides trace mineral insurance for heifers on pasture

up to 10%

More heifers pregnant

Studies showed…

A study showed 93% overall pregnancy success in heifers that were treated with Multimin 90 thirty days prior to timed AI and exposure to bulls. The control group of heifers that were not treated with Multimin 90 saw only 83% overall pregnancy success.

Prepare bulls to pass their BSE

up to 3%

More Bulls at Sale

University data indicated…

Cattlemen trust Multimin 90 to enhance their reproductive performance

“With Multimin 90 we’ve seen a 5-6% increase in the conception rate of our AI program.”

– Tim Todd, Green Mountain Angus Ranch, Ryegate, MT

“Multimin 90 is a product you can use to get the ultimate performance out of cattle.”

– Guy and Kyle Colyer, Colyer Hereford Angus, Bruneau, ID

“We’ve increased our first service heifer conception rate by 11% with Multimin 90”

– Jonathan Lee, Lee Dairy Farms, Englewood, TN

“Our reproduction efficiency has increased, especially with our first calf heifers and the breed-back time with our older cows has improved. We are attaining higher weaning weights and getting better feed efficiency with improved daily gains.”

– Danny Poss, Poss Angus. Scotia, NE

“With Multimin 90, 3% more of our yearling bulls passed their breeding soundness exam.”

– Galen Fink, Fink Beef Genetics, Randolph, KS

Studies available upon request.

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