Are your cattle
Really Breed-Ready?

Timing is everything — With every cow/heifer, you only have one breeding season a year. You want the most cows, heifers, and bulls as breed-ready as possible! A strategic injection of MULTIMIN® 90 before the breeding season may help support the reproductive performance of cattle.

The Proof is in the Peer-Reviewed University Study Data

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"Cows that were treated with MULTIMIN® 90 had a 9% greater conception rate to fixed time artificial insemination."

$12 Total treatment cost for bulls with MULTIMIN® 90.

Net $72 in increased revenues for all MULTIMIN® 90 treated bulls enrolled in the study.

Prof. K.C. Olson of Kansas State University explains the use of MULTIMIN® 90 for beef cattle reproduction.

Don’t compromise your cattle reproduction and health – Inject multimin-wordmark. Contact your MULTIMIN® USA, INC Representative.

Get Ready For Breeding Season

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Don’t Risk Reproductive Failure in Your Bulls

Trace minerals are critical for sexual development in bulls as well as sperm motility and morphology.

Your bulls may not be getting the trace minerals they need due to:

  • Variation in dry matter intake, which limits trace mineral intake
  • Poor intestinal absorption of oral trace minerals
  • Rumen and gut-level antagonists

By injecting MULTIMIN® 90, the trace mineral status of bulls can be elevated to coincide with:

  • Predicted onset of puberty
  • Timing of Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE)
  • Approximate 61-day process of sperm cell development and maturation

"With MULTIMIN® 90, 3% more of our yearling bulls passed their breeding soundness exam."
Galen Fink, Fink Beef Genetics, Randolph, KS

Don’t Compromise – Inject MULTIMIN® 90

Don’t Jeopardize Cow and Heifer Reproductive Performance

Trace minerals are vital to overall cow and heifer reproductive performance.

Prior to breeding, cows will have exhausted their trace mineral reserves through pregnancy, calving, and lactation.

Once heifers have their first calf, their system is depleted of nutrients. They are also lactating for the first time while they are still growing themselves. This age group has been found to be the most difficult to return to estrus and get rebred.

MULTIMIN® 90, being an injectable, rapidly improves trace mineral status of cattle with no antagonistic interference. Every animal treated is supplemented.

Research indicated a possible benefit of a compressed calving distribution1:

More calves born 20 days earlier gaining 2.5 lbs/day = Additional, heavier calves at weaning = More revenue + added value of more replacement AI calves

1. Effects of prepartum and postpartum bolus injections of trace minerals on performance of beef cows and calves grazing native range. Mundell et al, 2012. The Professional Animal Scientist. 28(1):82-88.

Don’t Compromise – Inject MULTIMIN® 90

Why is it important to Inject MULTIMIN® 90 at Branding/First Vaccination?

  • Calves go through a period of fast growth, which may result in decreased trace mineral status.
  • Milk doesn’t contain sufficient trace minerals to replenish stores.
  • Trace minerals help calves fight disease and respond to vaccines.

Research Showed:

  • Calves injected with MULTIMIN® 90 at the same time as vaccination had improved vaccine response, which may decrease disease transmission among calves. These calves also showed fewer clinical signs after a disease challenge.
  • MULTIMIN® 90 at early postnatal life was beneficial to calf health. In this study, the MULTIMIN® 90 treatment reduced the incidence of scours and the combined incidence of pneumonia and ear infection or both.

Calf Care = Welfare

Study data available upon request.

multimin-wordmark is an Injectable, Fast-Acting Source of Trace Minerals

What your feed company doesn’t tell you:

"As a veterinarian and as a producer I use MULTIMIN® 90 strategically at certain time periods of the year. I just feel like it's a good product to use to help improve vaccine response and to help us improve reproductive efficiency in these animals. The investment that we use or cost us to use that product, the return is much greater."

Learn how Dr. Robert Gukich of Lake Wales, FL tactically uses MULTIMIN® 90 in his veterinary practice and on his whole herd.

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