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What is MULTIMIN® 90?

MULTIMIN® 90 is a FAST-ACTING injectable, aqueous supplemental source of zinc, copper, selenium and manganese.

I give my cattle oral trace mineral supplements. Why do I need to treat them with MULTIMIN® 90 too?

  • Stressed animals have decreased appetite, resulting in less feed intake which means reduced trace mineral intake. Typical stressful times for cattle are around calving in cows and breeding in heifers/cows/bulls or during handling of calves and yearlings at branding, weaning, transporting and feedlot receiving time.
  • Inadequate trace mineral supplementation and large variations in oral mineral intake may also negatively impact the trace mineral status of cattle.
  • Antagonists such as sulfur, molybdenum, iron and calcium in feed and water may impair absorption and/ or bio-availability of orally consumed trace minerals.
  • The trace mineral requirements of cattle are not static and change during their production cycle and also during times of stress.
  • Inadequate trace mineral supplementation and large variations in oral mineral intake may also negatively impact the trace mineral status of cattle.
  • When the trace mineral status of cattle declines, immunity, enzyme functions, growth and fertility are all compromised.
  • One way to rapidly increase the trace mineral status of cattle is through use of an injectable trace mineral supplement, such as MULTIMIN® 90.

In which cattle can I use MULTIMIN® 90?

In cow/calf operations, you can supplement your calves, heifers, cows and bulls. In stocker/feeder operations, you supplement the cattle at arrival. In dairy operations, you can supplement the calves, heifers, cows and bulls with MULTIMIN® 90.

When do I give my beef cattle MULTIMIN® 90?

Beef cows/ heifers are supplemented minimum 30 days prior to breeding and again at pregnancy check or latest 30 days prior to calving. Beef calves may be supplemented at day-old, at branding or first vaccination and again at weaning or pre-conditioning. Developing bulls may be supplemented at weaning and again after 90 days, while adult bulls may be supplemented 45-60 days before start of breeding season. Cattle should not be treated more often than every 3 months.

When do I give my stockers/feeder cattle MULTIMIN® 90? ?

Stocker/feeder cattle may be supplemented at arrival.

When do I give MULTIMIN® 90 to my dairy cattle?

Dairy calves may be supplemented at birth and again at weaning.
Dairy cows may be supplemented at dry-off, 30 days before calving and again 35 days in milk.

Where and how do I inject MULTIMIN® 90?

Use only in cattle by subcutaneous injection (underneath the skin). Follow BQA principles – www.BAQ.org. Perform a proper tented technique for subcutaneous injections using the middle of the side of the neck. Inject MULTIMIN® 90 on the other side of the neck if multiple products are injected. Minimum distance between injection sites is 4 inches. Max volume per injection site for all products is 7ml. Do not inject MULTIMIN® 90 behind the shoulder. Do not inject cattle in wet weather or cattle with muddy/dirty skin. Injecting cattle during wet weather increases the potential for carrying a contaminant into the injection site. Use clean needles and change needles often.

How much MULTIMIN® 90 do I give my cattle?

Always read the label first!
Determine the weight of the animal and calculate the correct amount of product based on label directions.

CALVES: up to 1 year1 ml/per 100 lbs bodyweight
CATTLE: from 1-2 years1 ml/per 150 lbs bodyweight
CATTLE: over 2 years1 ml/per 200 lbs bodyweight

Why is reading the label important before I treat my cattle?

Selenium and copper are toxic if administered in excess. It is recommended that accurate body weight be determined prior to treatment. Do not use concurrently with other injectable selenium and copper products. Do not use concurrently with selenium or copper boluses. Always follow label recommended label dose. Do not overdose. Do not use in emaciated cattle with BCS of 1 in dairy or 1-3 in beef. Consult your veterinarian.

Can I give MULTIMIN® 90 at the same time as vaccines?

Yes, multiple published university studies indicated that cattle treated with Multimin® at time of vaccination had a quicker and higher immune response to the vaccine. Administering a vaccine requires cattle to mount a good immune response for which trace minerals are critical.

Why do I need to worry about antagonists in the feed / water?

Water, molasses-based supplements, distillers Grains (DG) and solubles are often high in sulfur. There are also areas in the USA with high levels of antagonists such as molybdenum and iron. These antagonists decrease the absorption and bio-availability of critical trace minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc and manganese. A published study conducted at the Iowa State University indicated that MULTIMIN® 90 rapidly increased the trace mineral status of cattle even in the presence of strong trace mineral antagonists in the oral feed. Supplementation of trace minerals at 150% NRC with inorganic sources took about 42 days to achieve similar trace mineral status compared to MULTIMIN® 90. Supplementation of trace minerals at 150% of NRC with inorganic/organic blend took about 28 days to achieve a similar trace mineral stats compared to cattle treated with MULTIMIN® 90.

Where do I purchase MULTIMIN® 90?

It is a prescription required product, so please talk to your own veterinarian about MULTIMIN® 90.

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