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Don’t Vaccinate Without MULTIMIN® 90

The trace minerals in MULTIMIN® 90 are critical for a proper vaccine response, better immunity and disease protection.
Several peer-reviewed, published university studies have shown that calves treated with MULTIMIN® 90 at the same time vaccines were administered had:

Prevention vs. Treatment

Which is the better investment of $1,200 in your cattle operation?


5x 500ml multimin-wordmark to inject


1 x 250ml antibiotic to treat


We have the data to prove it!

The Importance of Trace Minerals to Immune Response

Highlighting the value of using MULTIMIN® 90 in receival cattle
Brock Kerr DVM. Dodge City Veterinary Clinic. Dodge City KS

Improved Immune Response Reduces Bovine Respiratory Disease Challenge

Improving cattle health with MULTIMIN® 90
Tim Todd. Owner of Green Mountain Angus Ranch. Ryegate MT

Why inject multimin-wordmark at Preg-Check?

multimin-wordmark is easy-to-use trace mineral insurance for both the cow/heifer and her calf.

Can you afford not to inject?

At the label dose of 1ml/200lbs BW for a 1000lb cow older than two years, the MULTIMIN® 90 dose will be 5ml. This 2-in-1 treatment for the cow and her fetus costs less than $3.00.

Get All Four Pieces of the Trace Minerals Puzzle at Once

Make multimin-wordmark Your Choice for Injectable Selenium Products

Why inject only selenium – just one (1) piece of the trace minerals puzzle – when you can inject the same dosage rate and source of selenium plus copper, zinc and manganese – four (4) pieces of the puzzle – for the same effort?1
1Louder, C.J., et al. “Evaluation of Response and Safety to Parenteral Trace Mineral Supplementation in Idaho Neonatal Dairy Hutch Calves.” AABP Proceedings, vol. 44, p174.

The Benefits of Injecting Trace Minerals

  • You improve the trace mineral status of your cattle the same day that they are treated.
  • An injectable bypasses the rumen and intestinal tract where absorption is low and dietary antagonists are present.
  • You time supplementation to suit your management program and your cattle.
  • You ensure every animal is supplemented and performance ready.
  • You don’t have to worry about variable oral feed/ trace mineral supplement intake.
A new Iowa State University study1 proved that injecting trace minerals is an effective way to improve the trace mineral status of cattle and showed oral pastes and drenches are affected by:
  • Low rates of intestinal absorption regardless of source
  • Antagonists such as sulfur, molybdenum, iron in the rumen

1Jackson, Trey D., et al. “Comparison of multiple single-use, pulse-dose trace mineral products provided as injectable, oral drench, oral paste or bolus on circulating and liver trace mineral concentrations of beef steers.” Applied Animal Science 36, 2020, pp. 26-35.

It is:
  • The spared stress and sorrow of treating a sick calf.
  • The feeling of satisfaction when a truckload of healthy cattle leaves your ranch.
  • The relief when you pocket that extra dollars for your family.
Strategic MULTIMIN® 90 injections help to fill voids in your free-choice oral trace mineral supplementation especially at key economic time points like vaccination, pre-calving and pre-breeding.

Don't compromise herd health - inject multimin-wordmark

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