Strengthen Your Herd's Defense Against Bovine Respiratory Disease

Injectable trace minerals used with vaccination help fight sickness and disease at 3 key times.

Improve immune response to disease challenge

University studies have shown that calves receiving Multimin® 90 in conjunction with vaccination, who were then challenged, had:
Nasal & Turbinate
No Vaccine
Intra-Nasal Plus Booster Plus Multimin 90
Trachea & Bronchi
No Vaccine
Intra-Nasal Plus Booster Plus Multimin 90

Improve immune response at vaccination

University studies showed dairy and beef calves treated with Multimin 90 at the same time as vaccines had:

For more information watch this video:

Improve antibody transmission to calves

University studies have shown Multimin 90 helps improve colostrum quality in beef and dairy cattle.

Trace Mineral Deficiencies Impair Response to Vaccination

Studies show that trace mineral deficiencies can lead to low quality colostrum and scours in calves

Beef Cattle | New Study Indicated That:

Dairy Cattle | Trace Minerals in Heifers Are Critical For:

Data available upon request.

Trace minerals are critical to vaccine response

Copper, zinc, selenium and manganese are key to a quick immune response.









Benefits of Injectable Trace Minerals

Multimin showed improved immune response in research trials with these vaccine classes:

Producers trust Multimin 90 to support the health of their herds

“After using Multimin 90 we saw a vast improvement in the overall health of our calves and heifers.”

– Jonathan Lee, Lee Dairy Farms, Englewood TN

“Treating heifers/cows pre-calving with Multimin 90 is so cheap, compared to even treating one calf for scours or a lost calf.”

– Dr. Lee Jones, Associate Professor, University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine

“We use Multimin 90 on the calves at birth. It does a great deal to boost their immune system and helps them get through that stress period of being born and getting up and going.”

– Jonathan Perry, General Manager, Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, TN

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